Thursday, May 3, 2012

Building a Pet Home

 our family has never had a pet before.

this week has found us building a home for a pet. can you guess what kind?

we don't have the animal yet. i've made it clear that we need a home for the animal first. i think all the children are excited for a pet, but particularly our oldest. she has wanted this pet for a long, long time.

{everyone wants a turn building this little home. picture taken by aryn.}

we have no exact buidling plans for the home. mostly, making it up as we go. i really think a lot of this one though from and the book Barnyard in your Backyard has proven very helpful.

we're moving slowly. (more slowly than i would like.) but it's been very good for me to think about how things go together, to get input from others, and how i'd like them to end up.


Reno said...

I'm going to guess a rabbit. But I really hope it's a turtle.

Tammy said...

my guess is a goat.

saskia said...

looks like rabbit wire

rayndrop said...

a rabbit it is!

Reno said...

Well.....rabbits are okay but I was really hoping for a turtle. :)

Ence Family said...

I was going to guess rabbit since you were talking to me about rabbits at the soccer game a while back!!


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