Thursday, May 31, 2012


last week the three youngest and i went strawberry picking. in my grandpa's garden.

i think they had a good time.
we ate some fresh, we froze some, we smoothied some, and we dried some.
yummy things, those strawberries.

after this long, hot, sweaty day, gene wanted to go out to dinner. and me being me, told him i didn't want to go anywhere too special because i didn't want to change my clothes. well, you know what happened? in walks the boy that gave me my first kiss. and of course, i didn't want to talk with him because...well, look at the above picture... t-shirt, cut-offs, messy ponytail (which is my normal). i guess i should probably change my clothes next time! anyway, gene and i had a good laugh on the way home.


Reno said...

I bet you looked cute! I'd like to know who that infamous boy was.
Also- how's your square foot garden this year? I'm trying it and wonder how to water- and how often. Can you advise me?

saskia said...

you look adorable! I love an excuse to put something cute on. I dress like a slacker when I'm at home.

Robin said...

You always look so cute Rayn. And I can see that boys face...just can't remember his name. :o)

rayndrop said...

oh. you girls are so nice.

and i'll tell you his name. i'd just better email it. he might not want his name on the internet forever.

The Andra Family said...

I too am curious of who the lucky boy was! Love Asher's painted nails that match the strawberries.


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