Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crochet Hook Case

This gift was made for the occasion of my oldest's birthday. (Which was just yesterday!) She loves to crochet, and I thought it would be fitting for her to have her own tools. Most importantly, I felt she needed something pretty to hold those tools.

For those of you that love to crochet as well... the pattern is the Aluminum Crochet Hook Case. It was a relatively easy pattern to follow. I used cotton yarn that I already had. It holds ten crochet hooks, ranging in size from B to K.

(see some of my additional notes here and here.)

The gift also included a book, entitled Super-Cute Crochet: over 35 adorable animals and friends to make. I thought it would be fun for her to try making some cute little toys, while at the same time learn and practice following patterns.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Patchwork Project (part 2)

I feel like I must explain a little bit about this project...

I didn't mean to be suspenseful or sneaky when I didn't explain what I had in mind for this new quilt fabric. I was just a tad bit afraid that if I said what it was, then I would have to go through with it. I would be COMMITTED. And what if I just couldn't cut that quilt up? And what if I did cut it up, and I ruined it?
Well, I did go through with it. And I did cut it up...

I started out by making a pattern from the original seat. I traced it onto some fabric with a marker, leaving lots of room for error.
I cut the pattern out, sewed it together, and tested it out. Then I unpicked it, so I could trace it onto the quilt fabric.

And then with much trepidation, I cut into the quilt fabric. And then sewed and sewed and sewed on some bias tape. Ending up with this:

Now... just imagine... a tiny, newborn baby inside. She's coming soon! I can hardly wait.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Knitted Bunnies

The thoughts behind for this project came from years of wanting some tangible thing in the hospital with my newborn baby.

I'd heard that keeping a little toy, cloth, or blanket next to the mother for a time would transfer her smell onto it, and could then be placed next to the baby. This would help to calm the baby because he or she could smell the mother close by.

I've wanted to try this for the last few of my children, but never have.
When I decided to start using materials I already have in the house, my thoughts turned to some cotton yarn nuggets and some wool batting. All leftovers from other projects. And all natural materials, perfect for attracting scent.
I thought this little bunny would be the perfect thing for our new baby girl. My hopes are that if I keep this little bunny next to me, she'll begin to smell like me, and then give some comfort to the baby when I'm not around.

At Christmastime, I came across this shop and blog by Rebecca Danger in my attempts to find cute items for handmade gifts. The patterns are at the top of the sidebar.

I also would like to mention another shop, SunflowerRadiantLove, that sells little dolls that would be perfect for the same use because she uses cotton for the faces and and wool for the stuffing. And most importantly because she is so kind in her comments to this blog!


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