Friday, April 27, 2012

Eating Breakfast

my attempt at capturing time.

last night i was talking with gene about how fast aryn is growing up. i told him i feel like all i have to do is turn around, and there she would be... the baby, not genevieve.

and then this morning, i watched this video: Birth to 12 years in less than 3 minutes via designmom.

 my thoughts made concrete.


Stocki said...

Such a beautiful little one...and a lovely post! I have just done a post about my first baby blanket, which is from your pattern ...thanks so much for posting blanket turned out beautifully! Jill x

needlekrafter said...

oh my goodness. so sweet! my son is just around the same age- such a wonderful stage... love the beautiful blanket!

rayndrop said...

i saw your blanket. it is so beautiful. i think i would love to crochet a blanket with that yarn.

i love this age too. it seems like everything they do is so cute!

i'm so glad you both like the blanket!


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