Tuesday, May 29, 2012

La Maison du Lapin: The Rabbit House

the rabbit hutch is done.

well... mostly. (we still need to figure out the roof.)

{front view}

we had a few building bumps along the way. but that's probably to be expected when you don't exactly know what you're doing!

see the locks in the above photo? they were supposed to be next to each other, but the wood at the top of the second door didn't match up. in fact, when we first put on the doors, they didn't match up. they were really crooked. and on the enclosed side, there was a huge gap in the wood, so we covered it up with another board on the outside.

all minor setbacks, with solutions, when we kept in mind that this rabbit hutch didn't have to be perfect.
{side view}


{inside view}

we kept the inside paint free. the entire floor is 1/2" x 1" wire. and one side is enclosed.

most of the materials we used to build this hutch were items we already had in the garage. we also recylcled some things off a broken-down hutch my brother gave us.

the idea for the X door came from this chicken coop by Heather Bullard.

i'm thinking about adding some door handles. wouldn't they be a cute little detail?

now, we just need to get that rabbit!

(oh and some food, and a feeder, and some hay, and a water bottle, and...)


Robin said...

So cute Rayn! Almost makes me want to get rabbits....but not quite. :o)

The Andra Family said...

not only do you build fancy, you speak fancy!
Can we please keep your rabbits a secret from my kids so they don't get any ideas?

rayndrop said...

i'm actually beginning to wonder myself, robin.

nicole, good thing i have gene for when my fancy for speaking and building strikes!

Saddie said...

I'm in love with the door and think the handle would be tres chic! Lucky is the bunny who gets to call these sweet digs home.

saskia said...

this is really cute, we had rabbits, they got out... the rest is history, we sold our hutch :)


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