Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Felt Feather Tutorial

i thought i would share how i made the feathers for the brave headband i made for the birthday powwow.

once made, the feathers can be used for all sorts of projects.


3-6 different colors of felt (i used light pink, dark pink, white, purple, dark gray)
sewing machine or needle and thread

for the solid color feather...
first, make a template out of scrap felt measuring 2.25 inches by 6.5 inches. (you can make your feather any size you want!)

next, place the template on the light pink felt and...

cut it out. (i didn't trace around the shape i just carefully cut around it.)

then  place the light pink felt shape onto the dark pink felt.

and cut around the felt shape again, leaving a small .25 inch border.

then take the two felt shapes to the sewing machine (or use a needle and thread). start at one end and...

sew toward the other end slowly and with a slight curve. about an inch before the other end, stop. leaving the needle in the felt, turn the felt around and sew back to the starting end.

to get a cute feather detail, cut out a few triangles on each side of the felt shape. make sure and only cut the little triangles out of the top piece of felt.

for the eagle feather...
 make two felt shapes just like above. one of white felt and one of purple felt.

take the white felt shape and place it on the gray piece of felt.

{the following two pictures would not upload correctly. both are turned sideways. i apologize.}
cut carefully around the white felt. this gray piece will be the feather tip.

now place this felt piece on top of the white felt.

pin the gray felt to the white felt. cut the bottom off at a very slight angle. (this is just a personal preference. i think it gives a little character.)

now, cut out the little triangle details on both sides of the felt feather shape.

sew the felt shapes together the same way as above. making sure to sew onto the gray felt piece.

and there you have it! FELT FEATHERS.

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