Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Felt Crowns

i said i had more felt projects...

I've wanted to make crowns like these for awhile now. I first saw them in Amanda Soule's The Creative Family. I've since seen them all over the place.

I made these fun little crowns for some of our little girl cousins. I always mean to make things for my children first, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. (Rats!) I AM going to make a felt crown for each of my children. I figure they'd be great birthday crowns, to be worn each year on their special day!

The crowns were made using left over felt.
  • I made a simple pattern out of cardstock.
  • I folded the felt and placed the pattern on the fold. I did this twice (one piece for the front, and one piece for the back).
  • I added different decorative touches to the front piece using ribbon, felt cutouts, ricrac, and buttons.
  • Then I sewed the two pieces of felt together, putting some elastic in the back for stretch.

(my favorite is the yellow one. it has an orange and pink butterfly on the front, and some flowers on the side. i didn't get a good picture though before i gave it away. i also made a couple for some little boys. the crown here is what got me started.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Patchwork Project (part 1)

This project has been in process for a little bit. The first part is now complete, so I wanted to share it. (besides, i thought we needed a break in the felt projects. because really, there are more to come...)

I started by gathering some raw materials from around my house. And then I began cutting them into 4" squares. Once I had a tidy little stack, I laid them out on the living floor in a few different patterns. I let my children decide on the pattern they liked the best.Next, I began sewing the squares together in rows. Then I sewed the rows together. Once I had the top together, I had to piece the brushed twill together to make the bottom. I did this in vertical strips. (I did it this way, because I didn't have one big piece of twill, and I wanted to use what I had instead of buying more.)
Then, I sandwiched a piece of batting in between the top and bottom pieces. I pinned it, and machine quilted them together. I only did (semi) straight lines, nothing fancy because it was my first time.
After hearing my mom talk about some things her cousins were doing, I decided to try adding some hand quilting using crochet thread. I picked a hot pink color from the stash my grandma gave me, and went to work.

I just used a simple basting stitch in a diagonal, following the white twill squares. I didn't use a hoop or have it set up on frames, so the result is a little crazy. (that's my belly on the bottom of the picture.)
I couldn't decide if I should do one line through the white squares, or have them criss-cross. I asked my husband, oldest daughter and youngest daughter, and they all liked the criss-cross. So that's what I did.

And I'm glad I did. Even though, the lines aren't straight and it's sort of crazy, I like the result. I like the imperfection. It makes it seem really personal and from the heart.
It would make a super cute quilt, but I don't think that's what this is going to end up being. I have something else in mind. And it's been in mind since the beginning. I just have to get up the nerve to cut this new fabric into pieces!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun with Felt

So I've been taking an accounting of the materials I have in my home... and it just so happens that I have an enormous amount of felt. ENORMOUS, I tell you. (that is where last week's post came from).

But really, it all started with these little babies!

I had seen Betz White's tutorial for a felted brooch last year sometime. Then I looked it up again and thought I would start looking for wool sweaters at the thrift store. Which I did, but didn't have very good luck.
Then after my materials inventory, that is still ongoing, the thought came to me that I could easily substitute felt. (i know, amazing, huh.) So I did! And with lovely results.

Here's the tutorial again, for anyone that's interested.

Check out the individual flowers here.

I thought I'd try some link parties for fun!

Show and Tell Green

Felt Flowers for Sale

If you like these flowers and just don't have the time or materials readily available, I have some that I would be willing to sell.

These little flowers would be great for making hair holders, shoe clips, or whatever your imagination can think up!

The price is for the flower ONLY. I have not attached anything. You can leave a comment or email me.

Single pink and orange flower, approx. 2.5" x 3.5": $1.50 SOLD

Pair of orange and yellow flowers, approx. 2.5" x 3.5": $3.00 NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Single pink and white flower, approx. 3" x 3": $1.50 SOLD

Pair of light pink and dark pink flowers, approx. 2.75" x 2.75": $3.00 SOLD

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Garland

I found this cute little project over on madebyrae, and I just HAD to give it a try.

It was just as simple and easy as she said it would be... some cutting, some sewing, and Voila! A pretty little garland.
Just in time for Valentine's Day!


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