Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun with Felt

So I've been taking an accounting of the materials I have in my home... and it just so happens that I have an enormous amount of felt. ENORMOUS, I tell you. (that is where last week's post came from).

But really, it all started with these little babies!

I had seen Betz White's tutorial for a felted brooch last year sometime. Then I looked it up again and thought I would start looking for wool sweaters at the thrift store. Which I did, but didn't have very good luck.
Then after my materials inventory, that is still ongoing, the thought came to me that I could easily substitute felt. (i know, amazing, huh.) So I did! And with lovely results.

Here's the tutorial again, for anyone that's interested.

Check out the individual flowers here.

I thought I'd try some link parties for fun!

Show and Tell Green


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