Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Felt Crowns

i said i had more felt projects...

I've wanted to make crowns like these for awhile now. I first saw them in Amanda Soule's The Creative Family. I've since seen them all over the place.

I made these fun little crowns for some of our little girl cousins. I always mean to make things for my children first, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. (Rats!) I AM going to make a felt crown for each of my children. I figure they'd be great birthday crowns, to be worn each year on their special day!

The crowns were made using left over felt.
  • I made a simple pattern out of cardstock.
  • I folded the felt and placed the pattern on the fold. I did this twice (one piece for the front, and one piece for the back).
  • I added different decorative touches to the front piece using ribbon, felt cutouts, ricrac, and buttons.
  • Then I sewed the two pieces of felt together, putting some elastic in the back for stretch.

(my favorite is the yellow one. it has an orange and pink butterfly on the front, and some flowers on the side. i didn't get a good picture though before i gave it away. i also made a couple for some little boys. the crown here is what got me started.)


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