Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 i grow tomatoes vertically in my garden.

each plant has it's own square foot. they grow up a vertical support frame with nylon netting. i tuck the tops of the plants through an opening in the netting. it's kind of like weaving the tomato plant as it grows.

in order to grow the tomatoes vertically, i try really hard to follow the single stem method. that means i prune the suckers so that i have one main stem.

this is the sucker. i just pinch it off. i try and do this once a week.

as for watering. this year i haven't been as regular as i'd like with the entire garden.

lately, i have been watering once a day in the morning. the soil seems a little dry by the evening, so i might start watering some more in the evening. i haven't done this yet though.


Reno said...

Your tomatoes look great. I like the vertical idea. So how do you water? By hand or by drip?
And how often?

rayndrop said...

thanks, i can hardly wait for them to get ripe!

I water by hand.

i water once a day usually in the morning. by the evening the soil is looking a little dry, so i'll probably be watering more often soon.

The Calico Crew said...

How are your squash this year? I'm missing that good La Verkin soil--at least that's what I'm blaming on the lack of squash this year for us. Not as good as dirt as we had in LA?

rayndrop said...

i didn't plant zuchini or yellow squash. i DID plant some sweet meats squash...on june 1. so i'll have to get back to you on that one.

you know what i miss? YOU!


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