Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Playing with My Rabbit

this post is written by my daughter, aryn. i thought it would be fun and educational to include her on the blog this summer. this is the second post in her series called:

So while I was at girl's camp, my family kind of traumatized my rabbit. Now I can't take her out of her cage. :(

I have to play with her in her cage so she can get used to me. She needs to trust me again before she can get out and play in the yard.

It is really hard to be patient when I really want to have her play in more space.

How can I win her trust?

we read an article on taming and building trust that had helpful information. and by "traumatize" she means we played with her a little too much. rain cloud didn't get hurt, she got scared.

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The Andra Family said...

I always bribe my kids with candy. Works every time!


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