Thursday, January 12, 2012

Felt Horses

i made these felt horses as a christmas present for the four-year old. i love how they turned out. the wool felt was so nice to use. and i got better after each one.

the only problem?

he would rather be riding his bike!

that's a good thing too. his dad taught him during the christmas break. and he feels so grown up.

the pattern is the felt horse pattern from beardance crafts. the wool felt is from weir dolls and crafts.


Reno said...

I'm in love with those horses! That's on my 'gotta make this' list for sure.

The Calico Crew said...

Look at that stitching! You're amazing Rayn! It seems like not so long ago I was reading the post of that 7 year old learning to ride a bike! CRAZY! (she is seven, right? In a five year old body?)

The Heaton's said...

You are so talented Rayn! I love seeing your latest projects! Wow! Asher has changed so much! What a cutie!


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