Wednesday, April 27, 2011

doll clothes for the birthday girl

finally. this doll has some clothing.

she arrived the christmas before last wearing only a nightgown. zoe has been wanting a change of clothes for her for quite some time. she now has a few items to mix and match.

can i tell you how much fun i had making them? a lot. just as much fun as when i made the doll.

(some details: i wanted to make the doll in the first place, after seeing the bamboletta dolls. i bought a kit from dancing rain dolls, but i'm not sure the company still exists. then i got really motivated to make the clothes after seeing this on trulakids. i do plan on making at least one more doll and some clothes for miss g. and maybe aryn. we'll see.)


Reno said...

Dahling doll and clothes!

saskia said...

you have mad talented mommy skills and sewing skills, and all that skills. I bought a pattern to make another doll, and a pattern for clothes. I am more hopefull this time that it won't have flat face like the ones I made 1.5 years ago. I love her hair, that's the one I am like, feeling a big nervous about, the hair

The Moore Family said...

Very cute Rayn. I bet she loved all the new little clothes.

Ence Family said...

Very Cute!! You have wonderful talent!! I bet she loved the new clothes!!


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