Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cake

 when i saw this cake, i knew that i wanted to try it on the next birthday.

i fell in love with the casual, messy, colorful look of it all. (the original site shows a much more sophisticated, cleaned up cake.)

at first i thought i would make two cake mixes for the batter, but then i changed my mind and went with one cake mix. i wasn't sure i'd made the right decision when pouring each color into the pans to bake. they were very thin. and when i took each layer out of the pans, i was even more worried. the yellow broke into three pieces.

icing holds a lot of things together. and covers up a lot of mistakes.

i'm still in love with the casual, messy colorful look of it all.


Shauna said...

Love it :)

Isa said...

oh, I love love love your version! Nice and messy, hahaha, just like mine! (And yes, that's why we love icing ;))


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