Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crochet Hook Case

This gift was made for the occasion of my oldest's birthday. (Which was just yesterday!) She loves to crochet, and I thought it would be fitting for her to have her own tools. Most importantly, I felt she needed something pretty to hold those tools.

For those of you that love to crochet as well... the pattern is the Aluminum Crochet Hook Case. It was a relatively easy pattern to follow. I used cotton yarn that I already had. It holds ten crochet hooks, ranging in size from B to K.

(see some of my additional notes here and here.)

The gift also included a book, entitled Super-Cute Crochet: over 35 adorable animals and friends to make. I thought it would be fun for her to try making some cute little toys, while at the same time learn and practice following patterns.


Koren is Vonnie said...

Wow... the instructions are not easy to read. You think you could lend some help?? Would love to try this for myself.
Thank you!!

Nancy said...

I am having trouble with rows 16-28(which is 13 rows). It says to repeat 2-13(which is 12 rows). when I do row 28 in the back loop, it puts the free loop on the inside which makes it where you cant get to it to do the border. would like to know what I am doing wrong. thank you

rayndrop said...


it seems like i had a problem with the loop being stuck on the inside too. i just thought it was because i'm left-handed and was doing something wrong. i ended ip crocheting through all the layers on that end when doing the border. it made things a bit thick, but it worked out fine for me. (maybe you could try doing the front loop instead of the back loop to see if that works.)

about the 12 rows and 13 rows...maybe that last row 28 acts as a balance to row 1 at the beginning, or it may just be a mistake in the pattern. (you could try leaving out row 28.)

i looked for the pattern author's email, but couldn't find one. i also looked through the comments and projects on ravelry to see if others had similar problems. there were a few. they mostly just wrote that they'd improvised. i couldn't find any definite instructions.

please let me know what you end up doing. i would like to know, and it will most likely help someone else making this pattern. i may just have to make another one! :)


Nancy said...

Thank you for responding! I tried adding the extra row but it made it too long. So, I ended up crocheting in the front loop on the 27th row. Works out fine that way.

rayndrop said...

i edited the aluminum crochet hook case pattern link today. it used to go to the ravelry page, then to the way back machine. i found the author's site so i linked directly to the pattern there.

the author's site is priscillascrochet.net

Monet said...

I love this! I made one myself and just uploaded my picture of my creation. I hope you dont mind I linked back to you on my post as well as the original pattern link. Thanks for sharing this!

Sara @ My Merry Messy Life said...

This is beautiful! I've been looking for a good pattern for a hook case. Will have to try this one! I'd love if you'd link this one up to my fiber arts link party!

Isa said...

oh!! que maravilloso estuche! y muy practico, me encanta, yo hice uno pero no me quedó tan bien.

yoannam said...

Hi, It is a very nice Crochet hook holder. I was wondering how does it look at the back as you have altered a little bit the pattern and I seem to like your version better. Will it be possible to send me a pic of the back part of the case. 10x


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