Thursday, February 23, 2012

Planting Peas

it's planting time!

two little boys helped me get the soil in one 4 foot x 4 foot box ready for planting...
we mixed in some compost and took out debris. but mostly had fun digging, shoveling, and playing.

 we came inside for a bit to get out of the wind, and peeled some bark to make plant markers.

then we went back outside and took turns placing little peas into little holes. (9 holes per each square foot.)

i'm thinking i want to plant another box with just peas. i love eating them fresh from the garden! more dreaming and planning and working to come.


The Heaton's said...

How I wished we were able to start planting! Looks fun! What great little helpers you have!

Saddie said...

yummy peas! we need to get our garden ready too. our chives you gave us are starting to perk up from the winter and they make me smile. :)


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