Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wild Turkeys

these are the wild turkeys that have been roaming our neighborhood.

early in the morning, we usually get to see them in the horse field on the way to school. later we see them running through the different neighbors' yards.

it is such an unexpected treat to see. (this is the first year since we've lived here that we've seen the turkeys.)

i think it's a mommy with nine not-so-little babies. it causes me to reflect on my own five wild turkeys!

and i just want to share a wonderful blog i've been reading since april...Schlitzohren. i love her beautiful style.

1 comment:

Isa said...

Hi thank you for linking, and your words. :)

it's funny to me that animals navigate motherhood with such ease, even with 9 wild turkeys for children!


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