Thursday, September 30, 2010

Felt Pillow: Bats

I've made something SPOOKY!

I found this cute batty felt pillow tutorial, and just couldn't resist.

I did do a couple of things differently than the tutorial.

1. my pillow is actually a slipcover with an 18 x 18 inch down/feather insert.
2. instead of cutting the bats from a pattern, I used a bat die-cut.

So what do you think? What fun things are you making for Halloween?

just for fun: can you spot the baby?


The Andra Family said...

Good thing you mentioned little Genevieve. She would've gone unnoticed by me. I have a cute pattern for a candy corn wreath I'd like to make for the Halloween season. I doubt it will top your darling bat pillow.

Anonymous said...

It turned out really cute!

MaMa eNCHaNTeD said...

These are absolutely gorgeous creations!!! Now that the Holiday Hussle is over, d'yathink you could hussle up some more yumminess? I miss your sweet, smiley beautiful face.


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